Sleipnir for Windows

Full-featured web browser with support for the Gecko engine

If you're tired of your old web browser, try using alternatives which, despite not being very well-known, they work perfectly well. One of them is Sleipnir. 

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  • Good security tools
  • Built-in password manager


  • Bloated interface

Very good

If you're tired of your old web browser, try using alternatives which, despite not being very well-known, they work perfectly well. One of them is Sleipnir. 

An alternative to the big players not to be stifled with

Sleipnir is a complete web browser that can fully replace Internet Explorer or Firefox. In fact, it uses the Internet Explorer core engine but you can replace it by the Mozilla Gecko engine if you want. Sleipnir also comes bundled with Roboform, a handy password and web form manager.When running Sleipnir for the first time, you can import data from quite a varied amount of browsers. I must say however that my first impression of Sleipnir wasn't very good: the interface is simply bloated with buttons and toolbars, too many for someone like me who loves minimalist design.

A safe option that makes this a worthwhile idea

That said, Sleipnir does have many positive sides to it. You can browse the web comfortably (thanks to its powerful tab management system) and safely (with a wide array of security tools). Sleipnir also features a complete built-in search tool, an RSS manager similar to Firefox Live Bookmarks, support for proxy servers and many other interesting tools. Sleipnir is a powerful alternative web browser that's definitely worth a try, even if you're happy with your current browser.




Web Browsing with comfortableness by using Touch Paging and limitless tab functions in full-screen mode.

Sleipnir 3 for Windows offers a new and refined full-screen browsing experience. With thumbnails and touch gestures, the optimized graphics and intuitive interface of the full-screen mode enters you into a world which feels like you are using a smartphone device on your desktop.The tabs offer unprecedented functions and touch gestures that you won't be able to live without. The main features of Sleipnir 3 for Windows are as below. Luxury full-screen mode -- The perfected mode for displaying web sites in full-screen, offering thumbnail tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Touch gesture functions -- Making mouse gestures and similar functions more interactive. Unprecedented tab functions -- From actions when clicking links to actions when restoring tabs, all tab actions can be set in the options.Bookmark sync function -- Bookmarks in Sleipnir can be automatically synchronized with Sleipnir being used on other platforms. Switch between Trident engine and Gecko engine -- The web engine can be switched between to display Web sites with the Internet Explorer Trident engine or the Firefox Gecko engine. Use Firefox add-ons -- Firefox add-ons can be used when using the Gecko engine. Tab groups function -- Tabs can be managed in groups.

Many browsers let you sync browser data between different operating systems, but nothing more. We will provide something that our competitors can not, by linking the newest web services and software. Operate data in the cloud managed with a variety of web services using Sleipnir. We aim to co-exist, taking a position where we integrate everything users would want.

Sleipnir 3 for Windows Web Browser suitable for many kinds of users, because it realized smooth operability. And it will sync bookmarks of Sleipnir Mobile. In other words, it suitable for smartphone users.

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User reviews about Sleipnir

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    SUPERB. AWESOME :D. Pros: Everythnig

  • by Anonymous

    Sleipnir. I have been using Sliepnir for some time. It was well known as the most customizable browser out there. It was the oly browse More

  • by Anonymous

    Handles tabs well. I like browsers that open new pages in new tabs - like SlimBrowser - this one does the job. I have found it to be ve More